tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640     Hey Lovelies, I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything since December but I actually have a genuine reason pardon reasons why I haven’t been active. I started this ambiguous project, it is a bit tasking but that is what I like about it I am not yet a pro at it but practice makes perfect, I started a YouTube channel, so far I have 20 subscribers and my first video has over 100 views thanks for the immense support. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, please do at Mich Abiero or . In Business Studies this is called product promotion. So let us communicate with our friends and send the word out. Second reason I am in a boarding high school, don’t even dream that we are allowed with electronics. I am still doing 12 subjects until next year, my plate is pretty full
2017 is finally here with us, actually four months into 2017,this year is flying. I have been awaiting this year like crazy I was joining a new school majorly, I had countdowns to this year. No lie 2016 was horrendous, it was torturing. Brother, that year did things to me and I am glad I am through with that year, Lord knows how many times I wish I could skip that year, that year was the devil in a different form. I am partially surprised I made it. Well 2017 for me is a year of new chapters but they say you cant open a new chapter if you keep on re-reading the previous chapter which brings me to my topic of today. Every time you look at another person’s life we envy them because we think they have everything going for them from academics to their social lives and no they are pretty/handsome and actually have a personality a nice one for that matter which makes you question which ‘juju’ (witchcraft) is this they use. Some of these people are literally flawless (utter nonsense no one is perfect**inner voice**). But has it ever occurred to you, we all have flaws, we have all fought battles in our lives, that we have all undergone things that were so difficult and awful but we are here one way or another so let me ask you what kept you together during those rough patches in life ? Was it hope, strength, God, the warrior spirit in you? For me it was a blend of all. There were days I was at the verge of giving up but I am HERE.
My message is be strong, be fearless, be you. Let no one ever tell you cant do something that is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, shoot for the moon if you don’t land there you will land among the stars, that is my motto in my life . Chase your dream no matter how crazy and stupid they sound. I cant believe I am 15 and have my own blog and the only way is up. One of my favorite songs is Paradise by Coldplay this songs means the world to me they say ” I know the sun was set to rise” this means that no matter what it will come to an end sometimes the journey gets so tough that we don’t want to continue. Life is a rollercoaster one minute you are up the other you are down it is life. The thing is at whichever moment you are in life make the best out of it. Believe it or not I started my blog when I had hit rock bottom I felt hopeless so make the best out of every situation. These awful situations were intended to make you better not bitter. Suicide is never the solution and I totally support the semi colon project, a semi colon is used when a writer could have chose to end a sentence but continued with it, for all those battling depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. Don’t stop be brave and stay strong                    Image result for semicolon tattoo


Hello folks, for the first time in eons I’m going to write something meaningful,something inspirational. I have been contemplating whether to do this post or not but then after someone bashed my   blog and YouTube channel I decided I will do this post.  I shall also explain why I haven’t been active as much.

It all began in 2014, the year  that I, Michelle Abiero, decided  I wanted to change my looks. You know that annoying devil in your head that tells you to try things you’ll regret.  I shaved my hair, acne decided that it will start  a love affair with my face, you could draw the map of Africa using my pimples.  My lips obey the law of gravity, you know the force that pulls object towards the center of the earth,my lips sag like crazy. For that I earned the nickname Fish lips, my two upper teeth obey the law of like forces repel. My body obeys one too many laws. So I had low self esteem because some people told me I was ugly due to the acne, short hair the list is endless. Then my hair grew, my friend it looked like I got into a fight with a racoon and got electrocuted my hair is always a mess. That same year I was a prefect which was ironic, to teachers I was bad news. I would always be on the noisemakers list even when I absent, those prefects were on ecstasy I swear how could they hear my voice from the hospital or home? As they say bangi ni mbaya(weed is bad). Let’s just say in 2014, I hated myself especially my looks and my personality because some a**hole in the name of a teacher said nasty things about me, I was even rumored to be lesbian, rude and arrogant and I felt he was right.   I was suicidal I failed to appreciate myself.  I had toxic friends the ones that pretty much could  make it to the cast of Mean Girls, I hate cliques you loose your personality to fit in. It was pretentious, I couldn’t fit in, they wanted light skinned girls with smooth faces, dimples and beauty spots , long hair and huge buttocks. Don’t even get me started on my accent many would make fun of how I pronounced my words, Oxford Dictionary says I was right but who cared?  They said I was twanging. I felt like an outcast, I withdrew socially to focus on  myself I tried every product to remove my acne,I tried to change my accent and my personality. But Habit is second to nature

imageNow you are probably wondering how on earth is this relevant? I preach the idea of self absorption aka self love. When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Whenever I tell someone I once had low self esteem they laugh it off, most think I love myself way too much. Everyday when I get up I look at myself and appreciate my beauty inside and out, so love yourself no one is perfect as cliche as it sounds no one will ever be perfect. We all have weaknesses  and strengths the question is will you focus on your strengths or weaknesses? Focus on the positives do you remember who you were before they told you? I’ll admit if I could marry myself I would who’s perfect? I love the steel wool I have instead of hair, I love my face with acne, I don’t have a flat stomach, I have a bad temper ,lash tongue amd swings . I  hate  the constant trips to hospital but I’m so much in love with my life. For once look at yourself and appreciate your strengths, your imperfections. Be self absorbed , sweetie if you get the chance to do what makes you happy do it. #selfabsorbed

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There is one question that ticks me off, it makes me feel like my tummy is burning,it feels me up with rage.  Whenever someone asks me this question I forgive your ignorance and stupidity,  I forgive you because my religion taught me so. Jesus said, “forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing.” That’s what I do. Many people like asking me why  I am not in a relationship and I have an answer a long one for that matter.

So some days back someone direct messaged me on Instagram, I responded, kumbe I had just dug a pit that I would enter . His English was so broken I felt bad for his teacher of English, you spend  your precious time to teach someone and they end up massacring the language . If it were my teacher she would have slapped the daylight into him, in fact her insults were worse. So this guy asks me my age I tell him, hell yes! I’m 14. Sadly for me he was 15.

I am using his exact words

Him: Have you got a boyfriend?

Me: No

Him: Why?

These days people need to give a reason why they aren’t in a relationship,eh? What on earth do you mean I have to give a reason? Then some have the guts to tell me ‘I should be the one’. Please no,you are giving me a migraine. I’m not searching for anyone, I am fine being single, if I need anyone to talk to I have my mother if I want someone to take me out there’s my dad, if I want someone to cuddle with I have my best friend we’ll talk about our issues and cry our eyes out. I’m not pulling the ‘I-don’t-need-a-guy’ card, I just don’t want to be in a relationship

Here is why

Teenage relationships are nothing but a waste of time, I said it. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Especially your first love, it will be like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez all over again. I am not psychologically prepared for that. No I refuse, then when you break up you post mean stuff about each other on Instagram kwanza those people you make my feed lit💥

I don’t like the idea that I have to text you at least everyday . I have ever snobbed 30 chats I’m selfish in nature. I am currently snobbing 5 chats, it depends on my moods. I am a very moody person, we all know that by now. I’m not a brat in any way I’m just an introverted extrovert. I am not ready for commitments. Then some already calling themselves Ian’s, David’s etc. I am God’s child

Thirdly,there are these idiots always asking you to prove you love them. I am not ready to go home pregnant neither is my mother ready to be called ‘shosh’ or grandma. Nigger no! You are the work of lucifer/ the devil.


Fourth but not least, I am currently focused on my books. Yes I am team nerd, books are bae I am obsessed with education.I’d like to be a pediatric neurologist. I want to go to the university not just any  but  the University of Manchester. I am a girl with too much ambition which is good. This is probably the results of listening to Beyoncè and Chimamanda Ngozi. Until next time, bye friends✌🏾

Whitworth Hall, University of Manchesterimage


Tell me how it feels

I am scared; scared I will fail,

Scared I will lose sail,

I use to know I am intelligent,

And quite magnificent,

I do not want go back there,

I will cut myself; it is not a dare,

Fear is my hugest share,

You did this to me,

Tell me how it feels,

Or at least give me the remedy to heal,

And I’ll also teach my mouth to have a seal,

These feelings I try to conceal,

It is not a big deal,

I mean no confidence,

I no longer have my sense,

I am always so tense,

Surrounded by a fence,

You broke me!

You shattered me!

You destroyed me! At least tell me how it feels

At least give me the pleasure it was all worth it,

Maybe it was worth the blade,

Maybe worth the tears I shade,

Tell me exactly how it feels to break a kid’s confidence?

Tell me how it feels to embarrass me?

Tell me how it feels to deduce me to nothing?

I am trying to stand strong,

I’ll sing my fight song,

My suffering has been for too long,

It is not a show,

I am your greatest foe,

That I know,

I know you hate me,

But what did I do to you?

You had all the control,

You broke my soul,

I am here,

With a little fear,

I am back in gear,

Be such a dear,

Time has come to ask,

I will not lurk,

Just tell me how it feels.




Some time, last week I was bored and I had bundles a lot of them if you know me you know where this is heading to; YouTube. I watched my favourite YouTube channels then recommended for you so these people think they know me well and suggest to me a video about someone talking about their paedophilic teacher Jesus Lord! By the end of the video I came to the conclusion that some teachers are just bastards and they need to rot in hell.

Last year, we got a new teacher of French let us call him *Boniface did his parents have to destroy his self-confidence from birth? That name was bad enough to make you want to commit suicide. I never interacted much with him I did not take French but for Year/Class Five pupils it was compulsory I found him weird from day one he wore some skinny, leather pair of  jeans and weird shirt I don’t remember it being some sort of audition for male prostitutes. Don’t even get me started on his walking style, his chest was ever outwards it was like as if he wanted to have boobs or something then he was short actually short is an understatement even a two-month old baby gives him competition in height. His face reminded me about the theory of evolution he is the reason plastic surgeries exist to come think of it I didn’t like the chap from the day my eyes met that horrendous sight. I mean it couldn’t be that bad but I was wrong.

We come back to school in January and bam he just had to show us his personality was more hideous than the face. So this guy started developing feelings for his student he told her she was one sexy girl and touching her hips hold up did his brain disconnect with his head or does he have problems channelling intellect? Has he become so lonely that eleven-year olds appear attractive? Or does he have an empty vacuum instead of a brain? Or did he suffer some sought of head trauma that killed three quarters of his brain cells? One of the reasons I like children is that they report every issue at home or school. This is an eleven or ten-year old pupil you are calling sexy and you are about twenty-nine is it me or you are one sick bastard?

Is it the flat chest that makes you ejaculate or what? Or the tiny bones that give you pleasure when you touch? Really I don’t get it he is suppose to be a teacher I don’t recall there being sex education 101 and it having practicals in our curriculum. They are suppose to be children in Year 5 saying sex was a taboo and this isn’t for male teachers only there are also female teachers doing the same what is cool about having a romantic relationship?

To be honest they are giving stigma to kids way too early. This is a pupil who should trust you and be like a parent to them. You are making this child to become a whore at such young age at least be courteous enough and let the universities spoil our children not you.


It has been so long since I blogged,I have been busy with school and what not…you know the drill with school it saps the life out of you but that is not my point. I was away from school for some while and a new student joined the school and I was told we are so alike except she’s not easy to anger: she has learnt to deal with people’s stupidity. Her name is Ruth. Some say we even look like, pshht  we only have glasses that look a liken apart from that I don’t think we look alike. Don’t get it messed up she is really really pretty and fun but from her I realized how much of a pain in the neck I can be. I have to admit I am pretty narcissistic  and I know the best thing alive at this moment as you read this but narcissism is just confidence taken a notch higher 😆😆😆 let us just believe that. I think I am the most hatable person alive I said think that means you can differ with my ideologies.

1. I always want my way

I always want my way, ALWAYS. This is quite irritating when I look at it at a different perspective I feel at times she should let others have their way the world is not some sort of wish-granting factory. You can’t always have your way. It actually bugs me and I am like can’t she be reasonable and let someone have his/her way

2. I love being right

How is this irritating?  I would do anything to prove I am right and you are wrong some say I have a huge ego but the thing is I think that I am important so I am willing to swallow my ego to just prove how right I am. Don’t get me started on the body language when I am proving a point I will snap my finger and celebrate when I am right, you would think we were arguing It will manage to get on your nerves.

3. I love singing

As much as I wasn’t blessed with a nice voice (I sound worse than a cat that is being dragged into water) any time I am bored you would hear me sing. There was this time when a teacher missed a lesson mark you we got on a lot of people’s nerves Ruth, 4 other classmates of ours were singing from Antidote, Work, What do you mean? Worst behavior and the likes. Ruth and I are music junkies.

4. Competitive nature

I am really competitive I don’t mean those type of competitions that make you wonder if I ever evolved or if I am a Ramapithecus. I will compete and hardly okay. I will even give you a head start then beat you. These are the only things that make me the most hatable person alive. But then again I did realize I am just on my own league I  am a petty good person from my honest and helpful nature so yeah! Lovely week my readers




Here we go again, it is Valentines’ day am I excited? If by exciting you mean reading until the weird hours of the night then yes I am really excited. The most I will receive is some chocolate from my mother (I really hate chocolate, I find it repugnant) and some stupid drawing on the blackboard written happy valentines by some random person who had nothing to do if I am unlucky there is some guy who will be hitting on me with cheesy pickup lines that will make me question why on earth did I not stay at home? How did I spend 2015 Valentines? I was sick went to hospital and came back home and slept I must say that was the best Valentine day.

I was reading the papers there was something to do with a whooping 5.4 million shillings for Valentine dinner I can tell you what that can do buying a Toyota VX V8. Ati the food being served there helps in boosting libido sweetie why do you think Viagra was created? If you are single on Valentines I am not going to tell you sorry and sympathise with you because I would also be sympathising with myself and I don’t like self pity, simply do this make yourself a wonderful meal take a relaxing bath, put on a sweatshirt take a blanket and watch TV if you feel lonely just cuddle with the pillow. On the bright side you won’t have to wear some tight fitted cloth and walk in some shoes that don’t fit you and end up looking like you need to pee. Also you won’t have to pretend to have table etiquette i.e. eating chicken with a fork and a knife I will eat the chicken African style with my hands.

Then again isn’t Valentine supposed to be about love? When did the world become so complicated that we compete over who has a better boyfriend/girlfriend or who was taken out on the most expensive dinner. For one to show their love do they have to break a bank? Either way that’s up to you not me as for me this valentines I will be sharing the love with my books.


The society is a very funny place, you know you become what they want but you are never good enough. Society wanted women to have equal rights then it came to pass this is where the modern woman came about but when they had equal rights they said the modern woman was competing with their male counterparts…. very funny thing I tell you. I work an 8 to 5 job, I am a mechatronics engineer. Most of the employees at my workplace are male, we are only two females and being their manager makes me seem unapproachable. I live in Parklands one of the most posh suburbs in Nairobi but then again I work in Parklands; I drive a Mercedes Benz C200 2008. I am only 30.  They say I am trying to compete with my male counterparts but that isn’t the case just because I earn a lot, we have never been equals, NEVER male and female are just different. We can only be treated with equality. All I am trying to do is to provide for myself, my father not only provided what I needed but what I wanted so why should I settle for less? Why should I wait for some guy to pay my bills? Why should I live on a man’s pocket? After all I can make a living for myself. I don’t make money from selling my body that is despicable it is through hard work and sweat.


My father didn’t educate me to sit on my brains. A woman should empower and that’s what I am doing. You do not know how heart-breaking it is to see a 14 year old already a mother, this should be a child joining form 1. This should be a child reading. This should be a child not a mother. Some of these teenage pregnancies come from engaging in early sex. The guy will tell you sweet nothings just to get you in bed you which is just demented. I am not trying to say all guys are douchebags because it would be the same as insulting my father. My mother she has an education makes her own money I look up to her, she taught me well.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself feminist. Whether you earn more than your husband or not treat him with respect. Am I competing with men? Not really, I am competing with myself to become my best. I want my kids to be looking up to me the same way I looked up to my mum. Maybe I am different from the women in the 1950s I guess I am modern woman. After all I don’t practise FGM.


We’re halfway through January, the month I detest most because I am mostly broke were it not for Safaricom’s brilliant idea of Okoa bundles which basically means borrowing megabytes (mbz) I would be nowhere to be seen on WhatsApp and Instagram. January doesn’t like me that I know so it came up with this evil plan and made sure I was broke the whole month. On January 1st I see people bothering to write resolutions which of course they won’t achieve. I personally gave up on resolutions, I will tell you I have had resolutions in 2014 and 2015 but they didn’t work. Although this year I had a resolution to be better in Swahili, dear reader I suck at Swahili and isn’t exactly my favourite subject or language I have always failed it unless of course I really guessed well during that Kiswahili paper.

I usually hear this statement new year, new me that is simply nonsense. Whenever I hear this statement I will assume you are probably drunk and have no clue what you are saying. By assuming you are drunk, I will forgive the stupidity you just uttered out of your mouth. I am still the same person I was on 31st December, nothing new; same kilos, same sarcasm, same personality just more broke than usual. As much as change inevitable, you can’t tell me you will change just because it is a new year.

I will tell you what I interpret when someone tells me New Year new me it is like you will go back to the womb and be born again and get a new personality. Or you think a magic fairy will come at night wave a wand over your head and you will change, oh come on! Change is a gradual process, that is why when you look at the person you were 2010 and now, there is a huge difference that is because change is a gradual process.

If you disagree with me please do wait for mid this year and tell me if you are completely different than the person you were on 31st December

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My friends and I think you are really ugly, promiscuous and dumb or it is probably that we feel jealous towards you that we say untrue things. Dear hot girl you are giving us headaches and sleepless nights. You are making us waste mbz on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp stalking you. Thanks to you we owe Safaricom money, January is the month I am broke and you just had to make me okoa bundles worth 100 shillings. My crush is stalking you, my friends like you a lot. My parents know you and think you are well mannered, they tell me to be like you and be well behaved. Dear hot girl, did you see how I blamed you for the mishaps in my life?

Dear hot girl, why do you have to be so pretty and to make matters worse you actually have brain cells maybe even more than Albert Einstein’s. Your hair is so effortless; I tell you mine is like steel wool I thank my salonist for having the guts to deal with my hair. Dear hot girl, why do you have to have a petite waste? You see I have a potbelly I have to cover it in baggy t-shirts, I like junk food and I eat chilli lemon crisps and lime juice while having a Scream Queens marathon, I don’t like outdoors and exercising. Dear hot girl why do you have to be all-rounded if I didn’t have a good brain, I wouldn’t have a fallback plan, and this is why my crush likes you. You see you are so easy going, no drama no beef no arrogance but oh why dear hot girl. Can’t you just be normal like us? By the way, I saw the picture that you posted of you and your baby sister, why do you have to be good with kids? I am the lastborn babysitting isn’t exactly my thing. You know how they say looks are deceptive and in movies the way the prettiest and most popular girls are really shallow apparently you have a good heart, you are really nice but I wish we could be friends but you are prettier than me.

Dear hot girl, I realised something when writing this, yes you are prettier and smarter, and that is you. I realised despite the steel wool I call hair, my potbelly, distaste for outdoors, I am happy. Let me tell you why; self acceptance is the key to happiness so I have accepted myself despite my flaws. Thank you, dear hot girl.