IMG_20180225_010306_114.jpgMy name is Michelle Abiero.

I am sixteen years old.


Your above average teenager.

This blog is your cousin get ready to relate.

Talk to me:

Email: michelleabiero@gmail.com

Instagram: @iamabiero

Twitter: @abiero__

Snapchat: @michabiero



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings,

    I have been marvelling at your awfully touching pieces. Awful I say because it just took my over eighty minutes reading your catchy and intimidating pieces. I’m a writer too and what can I say? You’ve got the awe-inspiring magic in you to make a wonderful and excellent writer.

    To be honest, I loved reading you throughout your twisted and realistic essays. The poems though? You sure should try making overtures to international writing platforms and competitions. Kudos Mitchell.

    Keep going and never make any noise on ever stopping writing on your blog. You must, I assure you, be inspiring someone or some people out there.
    Emmanuel Baraka,
    The PEN President.


  2. Michelle, Michelle; today’s your lucky day. Your blog is something admirable. One score months ago, when we met in a church function, I never knew this would reach this extent. You have stood the test of consistency my dear, and truly, ON EARTH YOU RISE. Dear, continue in this spirit.
    Today two leaders of a great global club have met you, Baraka and I. With our mighty pens Abiero, we’ll be able to generate whirlwinds that will be able to shake the foundations of the social defects of this nation till we reach the majestic heights of admiration by other nations.
    I have a dream that one day, in this same spot and blog, we’ll be able to discuss our successes under positive limelight nationwide and beyond.
    May the flame of reason and wit continue to raze in you as you prove all your endeavours wrong. I’ll always support you in all your ways, literature to its optimum, while we keep in mind that ‘Intelligence plus Character– That’s the goal of true education’

    David Johnson Aboge.
    Deputy President, PEN


  3. Michelle, African Queen, I can proudly say that you have metamorphosed greatly in your works on literature. One score months ago when I first met you, I never knew we’d reach this far. You have proved to stand the test of consistency in your writings and general character. You have been able to please the high and mighty, and together we’ve been able to accomplish much.
    Abiero my dear, when we continue in this spirit we shall be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation to a sweet symphony of admiration. All young people in Kenya will be able to look at us and say ‘Why can’t I just be like kina Abiero’
    I acknowledge the support you’ve given me in my blog too, johnsonaboge.wordpress.com ,and I really appreciate it. You build me as I also build you.
    I’m proud to say that my literature works have made me to dine with the high and mighty, and surely, that’s where you are heading. At times, such as in school, when I write about the truth of the matters, I’ll at times receive some resistance to the ones involved. Oh yes, the tides may be against the times, the waves might be high and dangerous, but still; like dust, we’ll rise.
    Let us go on together not forgetting that Intelligence plus Character–that’s the goal of true education.

    David Johnson Aboge,
    The PEN Club International, Deputy President.


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