Dying slowly

Am I fine? Of course I am,

The hours I cried were nine,

I no longer want to dine,

Do you know how it feels to die slowly but painfully?

To be alive yet dead inside,

Slowly I die,

I should give up,

But I am almost through with the final lap,

Like an aphid you sucked the sap,

To this date,

I still wonder,

How you broke me and continued with life,

What you were to me was a lyse,

I sleep really late,

In bed awake wondering if this is my fate,

The past still haunts,

It still daunts,

I never healed,

You never gave me the opportunity to,

You spoke a lot of things,

It affected me,

These days I go for counseling,

These days I go for psychotherapy,

These days I take anti-depressants,

You never knew?

You never really knew?

You called me the worst of names,

And you expect me to feel the same?

What was your aim?

Now I am dying slowly,

If it was your aim, you achieved it,

Your insults were lit,

In bed I sit,

My wrists I slit,

I throw a fit,

I break down,

I have a frown,

What is the point of living?

I am dying slowly,

I wish nothing but this for you,

The pain,

So that it cam drive you insane,

So that you can feel these emotions,

So that you can go into depression,

So that you can know how it feels to be dying slowly.









2 thoughts on “Dying slowly

  1. So creative Michy. ✅✅✅
    It gives us the poetic approach to an insensitive society surrounding a disadvantaged person.
    It’s driving me quite emotional 😭😭😭
    I can say this poem is a magnum opus from you, Abiero.


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