Hello guys! I’m here to talk about my beautiful motherland, my country- the 254, Kenya. After the general elections on 8th August 2017 it got me thinking about my country, the beauty of it and what I love about Kenya. What I love most about Kenya is the diversity so this is a country where we have 43 tribes- those are 43 unique languages, cultures and heritages and none of them is superior to the other. It takes me back to 12th December 1963, when we were given independence we all know about the struggle for independence for us to be a sovereign state I don’t think tribe mattered at that time all we knew is that we wanted independence.I don’t think I’m able to list all the tribes but it’s cool. Kenya is so diverse everywhere I go I see the beauty in Kenya, take me to Nairobi I’ll show you the beauty. Let your mind travel with me.

My father calls it the city of many lights. Living in Nairobi is a hustle that I must admit, here we have ambitious people who came from the rural areas to chase their dreams, not scared of the mockery, not afraid of failure. We have the extremely rich and the extremely poor, everyone just trying to put food on the table. The crazy traffic, many working hours, raves and anything and everything you can imagine.This city is never asleep, Nairobi is just diverse and beautiful so one day I’ll come here and chase all my dreams, make money and live a luxurious life. 

Sail your mind to Kisumu city , Kisumu dalla the Lakeside City  here we say Kisumu ber meaning Kisumu is good. Well this is my home I live here and I have never fallen in love with a place this much . What I love most is the people, you see the main inhabitants of the place are Luos and they are quite hospitable although they can be a bit rough when pushed to the wall,I love the pride they have in their culture and themselves you’ll never hear a Luo say he is broke he is going through financial challenges they  say daktar (doctor) they allegedly preserve the i for iPhones and iPads, they don’t call people househelps they are domestic affairs managers, ne bii Kisumu (Come to Kisumu). The food is wonderful here the common food is mostly fish( rech)and ugali(kuon) , I love the sunsets from Lake Victoria they are breathetaking. Life here couldn’t be any better. So travel with me to Naxvegas or Nakuru  

Welcome to Nakuru also known as Naxvegas imagine the Kenyan version of Las Vegas yeah we got you here in Nakuru. Think business, entrepreneurship, money. Think of exclusive parties,clubbing and raves, we are talking about casinos, parties and things I shall not mention on my blog.If you’re not about the life of the night we have Lake Nakuru National Park, home to the flamingos, it’s so peaceful. It gives you time to reflect on life and be peace with yourselfmost relaxing place I’ve ever been to though I prefer Naivasha. The people here are fantastic, so caring and loving. Nakuru is my second home. Saisere (goodbye)

Let’s go to coast people, Mombasa

 Wagwan guys, I simply love Mombasa here I’m one with the ocean as its waves speak to me. The beach is full of people who remember they only live once, here the people radiate good vibes as I take a walk along the beaches all I want to do is eat some yummy Mahamris as I try to speak some Swahili. I want to go to Fort Jesus and know about our ancestors, for me to feel as one with them. I want to go sky diving, I feel so much at peace here. Mombasa I’m coming back for you, you taught me how to live, love and laugh. Shukran (thanks)

My people let’s go to the highlands, of course we are going to Murang’a where my life all started best 3 years of my life. Niatia, wi mwega?( Hi, how are you?) I don’t seem like a farm girl but you know what I love tea and you know where tea comes from the farms. Sometimes I just want to be in contact with nature and do something to preserve nature and well farming that’s my answer. Take me back to Muranga the origin of my accent, my beginnings, my roots. I love this place I don’t know about you but I’m in love with the people, the culture and the food. Bring me some mukimo and githeri. Another thing I love about these people is how highly they think of their women, to my people there ningwendete!(I love you )

I wish I could talk about everything I love about Kenya but I would be writing a book. In conclusion there’s so much beauty in Kenya it’s a matter of what you decide to see. Tribalism is sickening, our cultures are different let’s embrace that so are our languages and heritages but you decide whether this will segregate us or bring us together, believe me or not it’s on you. I say no tribalism, we are one. If you read in history our differences arise from our origin.

Kenya is my motherland, this is where I’ve grown up and spent most of my life and I love this place. Proudly Kenyan 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

~Abiero Michelle~


5 thoughts on “Motherland-Kenya 

  1. Abiero, thanks for sensitizing us. I had now started hating Mt Kenya people and Rift Valley people, just because of power-hungry politicians who quench their thirst by rigging. It is Kenya’s democracy on trial, because I don’t see the reason of Kenyans queueing to vote yet an algorithm of 54% win is already launched in the database for holding presidential data, same to governors.
    These people are spoilong our country, but I hold on to one hope:
    Abiero, let’s run away to a beautiful world


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