Hey guys it has been eons since I wrote this is because majorly I did not want to deliver something that was not of my usual standards or at par with what you expected. So this year has been a year of changes, a lot of them for starters I joined high school and it’s extremely different from middle school and whoever told you high school is fun kind of sugar coated the truth, no we don’t go funkies all the time and whenever you go to another school sweetheart it’s mostly Maths contest or Chemistry contest something of the sort so please if you haven’t joined high school and you’re joining soon please make use of your brain cells. I also thought we would form some sort of  bond with my classmates and I realized I do miss my best friends and if you’re reading this I really miss you except one who I see everyday in school but I still love you.

Now one thing I met in high school were cliques/sororities/ squads whatever you want to call them, I really do hate them and they tend to have a leader, cliques are one of the most dumbest things to do in high school well apart from taking Music thinking you’ll be asked to name two of Beyoncé’s albums or two tracks in the album Humble or quote a line from the song Hymn for the Weekend by Beyoncé and Coldplay and all you’ll be doing in class is singing no it doesn’t work like that, so back to the leader of the clique no offense actually all offense meant  the rest of the clique are like puppets with no brains and their lives revolve around the leader. So the leader is Beauty Queen she’s usually well known, mean, beautiful and also dumb she mostly supports the theory “Beauty with no brains” I’m not trying to see all Beauty Queens are dumb or something but then again it doesn’t have to be academically.

So I met Beauty Queen at the canteen  I hear she has all the boys’ attention in school so humble me a mere newcomer and a junior I stepped on her accidentally . Prophet Mohamed of Mecca! You might have thought I had burnt the girl with sulphuric acid yani she’s just there shouting and screaming I apologize but no the girl wanted me to lick her.  Girl did you forget your common sense somewhere ? I let the story slide. Second encounter with her dammit, I preferred Hitler to her  I see walking shaking her non existent hips next to senior boys and all over the pillars like it’s a strip club instead of reading Memories We Lost (the setbook that will screw many of us between 2018 to 2020) but it’s okay.

So we wonder what’s my problem with Beauty Queen ? She thinks the world revolves around her no darling you’re not the sun, so relax. What I dislike most about you is that you take pride in humiliating others, you like making others feel small it makes you pathetic but I’m aesthetic. I’m sure you got skeletons in your closet, some of the people you know are such professional stalkers that they should be working with FBI so if you see a couple of things on Instagram that you didn’t want to be known look for them. So I’m not pretty like you, and probably someone looks like something that you’d draw with your left hand with eyes closed when high don’t point it out, it’s not like we mention that your personality is more plastic than Kim Kardashian. You’re so superficial, with the fake laugh and accent with a fake lifestyle. Try reminding yourself the last time you were real with yourself. You’re so wicked that you might get Lucifer sacked no seriously you are, he sits down taking notes from your actions.

I am so sure we know a Beauty Queen in our lives, generally they are all irritating. But they say we have to have tolerance with others. Cheers to Beauty Queen we are all gathered here ranting about you feel free to start using quotes like “Haters make me famous” or “Haters gonna hate”. Bye my lovelies 


2 thoughts on “BEAUTY QUEEN 

  1. Wow!
    Beauty + Brains is what we focused men need. Also Martin Luther King Jr told us of intelligence plus character.
    Abiero this is wonderful, may as many girls as possible get the message herein.


  2. Abiero its an amazing thing i swear😅
    I love it so much coz i can relate so freaking much😩
    Beauty Queens need to stop thinking they own the earth aahh plss😅
    But i love it to be honest ama wait for more like this😉


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