tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640     Hey Lovelies, I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything since December but I actually have a genuine reason pardon reasons why I haven’t been active. I started this ambiguous project, it is a bit tasking but that is what I like about it I am not yet a pro at it but practice makes perfect, I started a YouTube channel, so far I have 20 subscribers and my first video has over 100 views thanks for the immense support. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, please do at Mich Abiero or . In Business Studies this is called product promotion. So let us communicate with our friends and send the word out. Second reason I am in a boarding high school, don’t even dream that we are allowed with electronics. I am still doing 12 subjects until next year, my plate is pretty full
2017 is finally here with us, actually four months into 2017,this year is flying. I have been awaiting this year like crazy I was joining a new school majorly, I had countdowns to this year. No lie 2016 was horrendous, it was torturing. Brother, that year did things to me and I am glad I am through with that year, Lord knows how many times I wish I could skip that year, that year was the devil in a different form. I am partially surprised I made it. Well 2017 for me is a year of new chapters but they say you cant open a new chapter if you keep on re-reading the previous chapter which brings me to my topic of today. Every time you look at another person’s life we envy them because we think they have everything going for them from academics to their social lives and no they are pretty/handsome and actually have a personality a nice one for that matter which makes you question which ‘juju’ (witchcraft) is this they use. Some of these people are literally flawless (utter nonsense no one is perfect**inner voice**). But has it ever occurred to you, we all have flaws, we have all fought battles in our lives, that we have all undergone things that were so difficult and awful but we are here one way or another so let me ask you what kept you together during those rough patches in life ? Was it hope, strength, God, the warrior spirit in you? For me it was a blend of all. There were days I was at the verge of giving up but I am HERE.
My message is be strong, be fearless, be you. Let no one ever tell you cant do something that is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, shoot for the moon if you don’t land there you will land among the stars, that is my motto in my life . Chase your dream no matter how crazy and stupid they sound. I cant believe I am 15 and have my own blog and the only way is up. One of my favorite songs is Paradise by Coldplay this songs means the world to me they say ” I know the sun was set to rise” this means that no matter what it will come to an end sometimes the journey gets so tough that we don’t want to continue. Life is a rollercoaster one minute you are up the other you are down it is life. The thing is at whichever moment you are in life make the best out of it. Believe it or not I started my blog when I had hit rock bottom I felt hopeless so make the best out of every situation. These awful situations were intended to make you better not bitter. Suicide is never the solution and I totally support the semi colon project, a semi colon is used when a writer could have chose to end a sentence but continued with it, for all those battling depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. Don’t stop be brave and stay strong                    Image result for semicolon tattoo


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