Hello folks, for the first time in eons I’m going to write something meaningful,something inspirational. I have been contemplating whether to do this post or not but then after someone bashed my   blog and YouTube channel I decided I will do this post.  I shall also explain why I haven’t been active as much.

It all began in 2014, the year  that I, Michelle Abiero, decided  I wanted to change my looks. You know that annoying devil in your head that tells you to try things you’ll regret.  I shaved my hair, acne decided that it will start  a love affair with my face, you could draw the map of Africa using my pimples.  My lips obey the law of gravity, you know the force that pulls object towards the center of the earth,my lips sag like crazy. For that I earned the nickname Fish lips, my two upper teeth obey the law of like forces repel. My body obeys one too many laws. So I had low self esteem because some people told me I was ugly due to the acne, short hair the list is endless. Then my hair grew, my friend it looked like I got into a fight with a racoon and got electrocuted my hair is always a mess. That same year I was a prefect which was ironic, to teachers I was bad news. I would always be on the noisemakers list even when I absent, those prefects were on ecstasy I swear how could they hear my voice from the hospital or home? As they say bangi ni mbaya(weed is bad). Let’s just say in 2014, I hated myself especially my looks and my personality because some a**hole in the name of a teacher said nasty things about me, I was even rumored to be lesbian, rude and arrogant and I felt he was right.   I was suicidal I failed to appreciate myself.  I had toxic friends the ones that pretty much could  make it to the cast of Mean Girls, I hate cliques you loose your personality to fit in. It was pretentious, I couldn’t fit in, they wanted light skinned girls with smooth faces, dimples and beauty spots , long hair and huge buttocks. Don’t even get me started on my accent many would make fun of how I pronounced my words, Oxford Dictionary says I was right but who cared?  They said I was twanging. I felt like an outcast, I withdrew socially to focus on  myself I tried every product to remove my acne,I tried to change my accent and my personality. But Habit is second to nature

imageNow you are probably wondering how on earth is this relevant? I preach the idea of self absorption aka self love. When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Whenever I tell someone I once had low self esteem they laugh it off, most think I love myself way too much. Everyday when I get up I look at myself and appreciate my beauty inside and out, so love yourself no one is perfect as cliche as it sounds no one will ever be perfect. We all have weaknesses  and strengths the question is will you focus on your strengths or weaknesses? Focus on the positives do you remember who you were before they told you? I’ll admit if I could marry myself I would who’s perfect? I love the steel wool I have instead of hair, I love my face with acne, I don’t have a flat stomach, I have a bad temper ,lash tongue amd swings . I  hate  the constant trips to hospital but I’m so much in love with my life. For once look at yourself and appreciate your strengths, your imperfections. Be self absorbed , sweetie if you get the chance to do what makes you happy do it. #selfabsorbed

I haven’t been able to upload items I have been so busy, if you follow me on Instagram you are aware I’m in India, I’ll try to upload at least twice a week. If you like my post please  share follow my blog and comment


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