There is one question that ticks me off, it makes me feel like my tummy is burning,it feels me up with rage.  Whenever someone asks me this question I forgive your ignorance and stupidity,  I forgive you because my religion taught me so. Jesus said, “forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing.” That’s what I do. Many people like asking me why  I am not in a relationship and I have an answer a long one for that matter.

So some days back someone direct messaged me on Instagram, I responded, kumbe I had just dug a pit that I would enter . His English was so broken I felt bad for his teacher of English, you spend  your precious time to teach someone and they end up massacring the language . If it were my teacher she would have slapped the daylight into him, in fact her insults were worse. So this guy asks me my age I tell him, hell yes! I’m 14. Sadly for me he was 15.

I am using his exact words

Him: Have you got a boyfriend?

Me: No

Him: Why?

These days people need to give a reason why they aren’t in a relationship,eh? What on earth do you mean I have to give a reason? Then some have the guts to tell me ‘I should be the one’. Please no,you are giving me a migraine. I’m not searching for anyone, I am fine being single, if I need anyone to talk to I have my mother if I want someone to take me out there’s my dad, if I want someone to cuddle with I have my best friend we’ll talk about our issues and cry our eyes out. I’m not pulling the ‘I-don’t-need-a-guy’ card, I just don’t want to be in a relationship

Here is why

Teenage relationships are nothing but a waste of time, I said it. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Especially your first love, it will be like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez all over again. I am not psychologically prepared for that. No I refuse, then when you break up you post mean stuff about each other on Instagram kwanza those people you make my feed lit💥

I don’t like the idea that I have to text you at least everyday . I have ever snobbed 30 chats I’m selfish in nature. I am currently snobbing 5 chats, it depends on my moods. I am a very moody person, we all know that by now. I’m not a brat in any way I’m just an introverted extrovert. I am not ready for commitments. Then some already calling themselves Ian’s, David’s etc. I am God’s child

Thirdly,there are these idiots always asking you to prove you love them. I am not ready to go home pregnant neither is my mother ready to be called ‘shosh’ or grandma. Nigger no! You are the work of lucifer/ the devil.


Fourth but not least, I am currently focused on my books. Yes I am team nerd, books are bae I am obsessed with education.I’d like to be a pediatric neurologist. I want to go to the university not just any  but  the University of Manchester. I am a girl with too much ambition which is good. This is probably the results of listening to Beyoncè and Chimamanda Ngozi. Until next time, bye friends✌🏾

Whitworth Hall, University of Manchesterimage



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